Why Giant Companies Are Switching to Node.js Web Development?

Walmart has recently switched to Node.js and is now serving all the website traffic of Walmart.com. It’s second biggest property SamsClub is also powered with Node.js based web. NASA turned off from their old technology and started using Node.js to keep its astronauts safe and make data securely accessible. Companies like Intel, Capital One, PayPal, LinkedIn, IBM, Wall Street Journal and many other giant companies are betting on Node.js technology when it comes to their website.

JavaScript gave rise to numerous opensource technologies and it is still eating up the website market. This time with Node.js. With it’s package ecosystem, it offers huge ecosystem of open source libraries. Node.js Development Services are helping websites to build scalable network applications that work concurrently with various OS threads.

Why Businesses Consider Node.js Better Than Others?

With its non-blocking and event driven I/O it becomes fast compared to other programming languages widely used for web development. Its light weight and proficient solution structure drives businesses to choose Node.js Web Development as the best option for their websites. Ramin Beheshti — The Chief Product officer and Technology officer at Dow Jones, who is also the owner firm of Wall Street Journal says “The simple truth is Node has reinvented the way we create websites. Developers build critical functionality in days, not weeks.”

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Google’s high-performance open source JavaScript engine. This platform helps Node.js to run data acceleration efficiently and dynamically. It also empowers the websites to act more responsive with utmost security and no glitches. Secure payment gateway PayPal switched from Ruby on Rails and now uses Node.js for its faster and secure payment processing. Director of Engineering at PayPal, Jeff Harrell says “Node.js powers our web applications and has allowed our teams to move much faster in bringing their designs to life.”

Node.js Features That are Helping Businesses

Node.js allows a Node.js Development Company to claim high application performance with its advanced features. It work beyond configuration and more on convention. These features are more helpful for a developer but also brings good benefits for businesses. They makes your application development faster, easier and money saving. Some of these major features are,

  • Scalability: Node.js allows developers to scale an application in both horizontal as well as vertical scales. It improves the performance of your application and prevents it from crashes.
  • Non-blocking and Event Driven I/O: The non blocking features of NodeJs allows your application to run seamless operation without blocking and waiting for information inputs. It sends information and execute other tasks parallely. It can fetch information whenever it receives from the server.
  • Simple Testing: Node.js helps you with unit testing. Many good testing libraries are available to make this task easier for the developers.. The unit test frameworks like Jasmin can also help you to test any code.
  • Network application development: With it’s built-in APIs, Node.js allows a Node.js Development Company to develop different sorts of web server, chat server and other network applications. web server, chat server and other network applications. They can develop servers like DNS Server, Jigsaw servers, TCP servers, HTTPS Server, etc.

These were the features that boost Node.js Web Development and outperform superior application processing. Its non-blocking I/O and multiple scalable modules, delivers high performance for your application. The power of V8 JavaScript engine executes JavaScript codes.

Core benefits that Node.js renders along with these features are:

Lightweight and Scalable

V8 JavaScript engine accelerates the Node.js Web Development process without compromising security and quality. The I/O model of Node.js application derives events and works without blocking thread. It makes your application lightweight and scalable. With this model, your application works concurrently and behaves network friendly.

Ideal for Microservices

All the prestigious clients of Node.js are using this technology for it’s microservices. Node.js optimizes the performance of your application. This platform allows you to process your application while you are using it. You can scale only those parts, which you need in your application. Parallel to this, you can work to eliminate the unwieldy modules. Such separation of your work makes it easy to operate microservices on a Node.js application.

Superior Performance

Node.js is a single threaded JavaScript runtime and offers non-blocking event-driven I/O, which allows it to work flawlessly and rapidly. It steps over the thread-based networking and offers seamless networking applications. Node.js Development Services optimize the application data and reduces it’s occupied storage space while boosting its speed by 20x faster.

Getting Better with Each Day

Node.js is constantly improving and improvising at a good pace. It consistently launches new releases and enhances the standards of its codes and features. With ES6 Spec for JavaScript and the support of an open source community, this technology will nourish more and become superior in the coming times.

This was a little insight about Node.js and how can you boost your business application with it. So, get the best out of this solution and help your business.

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Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd., one of the leading web design and development companies in India.