Airbnb Clone App: How to build an app like Airbnb?

It’s no longer a big deal to find a reasonably priced place to stay when traveling. All the gratitude to Airbnb — an innovation that reshaped the rental housing market around the world. What’s interesting about Airbnb is how the business expanded so rapidly, simply providing homeowners a platform to rent their homes and rooms, and giving people who are traveling all over the globe a sense of home.

Moreover, witnessing the rise of annual Airbnb bookings to 1 billion and the growth rate the global tourism industry to USD 11,382 Billion by 2025, investing in an Airbnb clone app to offer more services and advanced features would open up a lot of business opportunities for you.

But before you check out the Airbnb clone script and get the app booked, read this article to find out how the Airbnb clone app actually works? What are the features you need in your Airbnb clone? And what does its business model look like? And more.

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