10 Statistics That will Lure You to Have a WordPress Website!

Maulik Shah
4 min readJun 20, 2018

When you open the WordPress website, in the very second sentence it says, “Choose the Software Powering 30% of Internet”. And this website has more unique visitors than Amazon i.e. as equal as Facebook, 128 million a month. Technically this much of power means that WordPress is the engine of Internet. Here, talking about internet includes not only websites or mobile apps, but every smallest unit that works on cybermetrics. Well, that’s impressive! Especially when we are measuring out of trillions. This interesting fact shifts the question from how WordPress Development Services became this popular to why you should use it?

In this blog, we will discuss about this. To elaborate WordPress’ claim of powering 30% of internet, I will take you to some more interesting statistics. These statistics that will compel you to use this everyday advancing technology and take the best out of it. So, let’s go through some of the most amazing facts and figures about WordPress that will drive you to WordPress Website Development for your business.

1. 50–60% Share in Global CMS Market

WordPress is the most popular content management system of all for the last 7 years. It occupies more than half of the market share. Heavy traffic managing websites of New York Post, Ted, CNN, Fortune.com, Spotify, TechChurch, NBC and numerous other best in the business are powered by WordPress. Over 17 million websites are built on this platform.

2. Prefered Choice of 50% Users

As of 2014, WordPress was the first choice of half of the internet community in USA. Today in 2018, this data growing more than whatever it was 4 years back. This data makes WordPress Development Services not just popular but most preferred web platform as well. Even 6 out of 10 Technorati are using WordPress for their blogs.

3. Only 22% Use the Latest Version

WordPress is one of the oldest technologies of web development market. It has launched 20 version. Many of the recent versions are still in use and they are helping businesses well. Only 22% websites are using the latest version. Rest are still best with its older versions.

4. 50 Thousand Plus Plugins

If you want to add any feature or function but are not given it by your WordPress Development Services provider, don’t worry. WordPress is sure to have a plug-in that solves your purpose. Out of its library of more than 50 thousand plugins, you will get whichever you want. It is also adding many plugins every day on the site. WordPress.org has offered more than 1 billion plug-in downloads by far.

5. More than 11 thousand Themes

If UX/UI are very important for you, WordPress won’t disappoint you! Around 11 thousand themes are available on ThemeForest, the official theme marketplace for WordPress. Too many of options available for you to choose, when it comes to the appearance of your web. Use the one you find perfect for you. Also, many of them are free. So, you can make your WordPress Website Development not just feature rich, but also user friendly.

6. 24 Million Page Views a Month

WordPress performs to be a SEO friendly website development platform. As per the statistics released by WordPress itself, in January 2017, more than 409 million people surfed more than 24 billion pages in a month. The coding matrix of WordPress is SEO friendly and helps websites to top the list in search results.

7. 21% of all the WordPress codes are Comments

WordPress has huge community support. It receives around 82 million new posts and 45 million comments to it. It helps tech community to stay updated and help each other. Even if you choose not to Hire WordPress Developer for your web jobs, WordPress community can assist you well.

8. 37 Million Google Search Per Month

WordPress word is always a hot trend on the Google. People search it more than 2.8 million times as a keyword. Such heavy search density encourages internet community to update new content, share knowledge and reviews to satisfy the curiosity of the users.

9. 56 Official Translation

WordPress cares what language you speak and where you live. They officially translated its version in 56 languages to reach their users all over the world. It expands the reach of WordPress and capitalizes more customers for them.

10. FreeLancer Available Just at $50 an Hour

WordPress’ huge community has umpteen freelancer. It really offers IT staff augmentation. You can Hire WordPress Developer for your web work as low as $50 an hour. Well, that is a pretty wallet savvy for you. WithinThemes.com says that usually to design a full site design, $1000 is the pay-off amount.

These are not just some figures, but facts good enough to trigger you to Hire WordPress Developer and get a WordPress solution for you. If you want to know about WordPress development services, you can get in touch with us with your queries.

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