10 iPhone App Development Trends to Look for in 2022

As we know, Apple has been leading the entire smartphone market for years. Its hardware is becoming more advanced every year, and the iOS platform is improving constantly at a high pace. With every new release, it introduces us to the key features that can actually make the operating system much more reliable and competitive. And all of these can easily enhance the iPhone customer experience to make it more delightful.

With the recent technological advancements in its operating system, iPhone app development is more likely to rule the mobile app development market in the upcoming year. So, if you are thinking of building your app with iOS, then you will require to know the trends that will help you in succeeding in the app development market. Because if you know what trends will be ruling iPhone app development in 2022, then you can add the necessary advancements in your app and make it trend and also tech-friendly. Adding the advancements will also ease the user experience. So, let us see which are the top iPhone app development trends one should look for in 2022. But before that, let us know what are the advantages of building an app with iOS.

Advantages of Developing an iOS App

  • Security of Enterprise Data
  • High-Quality Standards
  • Established Customer Base
  • Exemplary User Experience
  • Better App Revenue
  • Tech-Ready Audience
  • Low Fragmentation and Ease of Testing
  • Apps for all business needs

Trends of iPhone App Development 2022

1. AI-powered Siri

Apple’s AI assistant — Siri has gained massive traction all over the world since the day it was introduced, and it is getting smarter with time. Apple has released SiriKit for the iPhone app developers for allowing iOS as well as watchOS to work with Siri by just using the voice. There are many advantages of integrating SiriKit with your own iOS app, including access from the lock screen and hands-free usage.

Siri Shortcut also suggests shortcuts to perform actions intelligently. This makes it easier for you to perform the shortcuts using an app. You can even run shortcuts by voice and create your own with the latest Shortcuts app.

2. Rise of Machine Learning

With AI becoming a game-changer in mobile app development, Apple is leading the way to leveraging machine learning (ML) technology in their systems. It has also unveiled its core processor — A12 Bionic. This processor has a Neural Engine for various tasks related to ML-like Face ID and customizable Animoji (also known as Memoji). It also allows the devices to perform multiple tasks like taking better photos, recognizing patterns of an unhealthy heartbeat, etc. Additionally, Apple’s framework called Core Machine Learning 2 or CoreML 2 allows one to create highly responsive and high-performance applications.

One can use this framework for analyzing natural language text and deducing the language-specific metadata. It even covers different tasks like script and language identification, lemmatization, parts-of-speech tagging, and even training as well as deploying various custom natural language models.

What AI/ML Will Contribute to iOS App Development in 2022?

  • Deep learning to analyze user behaviour accurately for better results.
  • Speech recognition for recognizing human speech and transforming it into text.
  • Siri powered by AI and ML can give more accurate and reliable answers.
  • Searching for optimizing and suggestions search processes to suggest playlists, podcasts, and videos.

3. AR/VR and 3D Technology Taking the Lead

Apple acknowledged different improvements for its ARKit2, which is the next generation of its own AR iPhone app development platform for iOS 12. It supports 3D object detection, provides improved face tracking, allows creating a multi-user AI experience, and is able to measure objects with the iPhone easily.

With the latest ARKit2, users can easily create any piece of AR art that anyone can view later in the same particular place. It enables iOS developers to create multiplayer games and simulations that were not possible earlier.

You can also use the ARKit2 for AR/VR app development with SceneKit for 3D graphic designing. It will enhance the overall development of different simulated environment apps that can make this a top iPhone app development trend.

4. Security Getting More Significance

While discussing the iOS trends, we should also be aware that hackers are increasing in number every day. With the advancement in technology, hackers are also advancing in their methods of hacking your data. Apple has managed quite well to develop an enterprise-wide, security-enabled culture that can assist the users to maintain a safer working environment.

For companies, it is very important to constantly improve their own security system to prevent any kind of data breaches or cyber-attacks. It is not just another iOS app development trend, but also the commitment of a company to upgrade its privacy policy with its new updates releases. One needs to take this trend seriously for their mobile app development companies.

5. IoT Getting Prominence

Apple has a much secure IoT ecosystem known as HomeKit. It unlocks various opportunities for the iPhone app developers as it will certainly help them by setting up easy connections with the different IoT devices.

HomeKit apps also allow users to easily communicate and control different connected home automation devices. It even discovers compatible devices and easily configures them. Users can then certainly be able to create different actions to control these devices by grouping them together and managing them with Siri assistance.

It seems that in the coming year-2022, all of these advancements will certainly unleash the potential of various connected solutions in users’ daily lives. You can hire iPad app developer and customize your app with inbuilt IoT support.

What IoT Will Contribute to Native iOS App Development in 2022?

  • Efficient management of security systems, climate control, home theatres, and water supply through just an iPhone.
  • Automating most of the actions and ensuring a complete and transparent delivery process.
  • Tracking a person’s vital emergency signs and even calling for help.

6. Apple Pay

After a huge success in the USA, Apple Pay has spread across many countries and become quite popular. It is now supported by all the Apple devices and is quite good due to its inherent security. Thus, I am assuming that in the upcoming years, iPhone app development will follow a cashless policy.

7. Cross-platform Apps and Swift 5

Apple’s Swift is considered to be one of the best leading programming languages, and it is growing constantly at a rapid pace. At present, there are more than a thousand apps written in Swift language that is present on the App Store. Swift is the coding language that developers essentially praise for its inherent benefits like safety, scalability, and simplicity. There is no doubt that it has a bright future.

8. Augmented Reality and the ARKit

Apple launched an AR editor; Reality Composer, to develop apps even without a 3D design experience. And with RealityKit, one can also integrate virtual objects into the real world.

What Augmented Reality and ARKit Will Contribute to iOS App Development in 2022?

  • ARKit 3 surpasses the limitations of devices when allowing users to use front and back cameras concurrently.
  • iOS app developers allow users to share experiences. Additionally, one can easily save and use the AR World Map on different devices while ensuring a multi-user experience.
  • AR, along with ARKit, improves illusion and also provides more organic positioning of virtual items.

9. iBeacon

iBeacon is an advanced tool to transform Bluetooth signals between small transmitters. Its functioning concept is such that at regular intervals they broadcast Bluetooth signals to different devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

For example, the user passes by the store, ignoring all the advertisements. Still, the store’s sensors can connect to their device and deliver a notification to that user at that point in time. It can also include any type of content, basic knowledge, or call to action. As a result, a new trend in iOS — iBeacon will help businesses to enhance marketing in modern ways through app development.

10. Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Originally the release year of iCloud was 2011. Since then, this technology has become an essential component of all Apple devices. Nonetheless, the number of iCloud users is growing every year. Thus, we can firmly regard it as another major iOS mobile app development trend.

iCloud is a service that sends data from your device to the cloud. For example, if you begin to work on a document on an iPhone, then you can still continue to manage it on your iPad by using the same AppleID. Now, many programs use iCloud to boost their performance. It enables the program to be more lightweight thus ensuring the security of users’ vital information.


Development trends are changing constantly, and everyone involved in iOS app development has to stay tuned for regular updates. By following these trends, one can get ahead in the app development game in 2022 for making unique innovations in the industry. You can hire an iPad app developer to help you with building an iOS app with all the trends stuffed in it.



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